Do You Know The 7 Components Crucial For Air Conditioner Function? 

Do You Know The 7 Components Crucial For Air Conditioner Function? 

Aug 5, 2022 | A/C, Air Conditioner, Air Filter, Blog, Cooling, Finneytown, HVAC, OH, Ohio, Thermostat, Tips & Tricks

Your Finneytown Heating & Cooling family is here to assist you with any of your cooling issues! So, if anything arises with your AC this summer, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call us. We will be there as soon as we can! But in the meantime, what should you do to better understand what’s going on with your air conditioning system? We believe it is beneficial for homeowners to be familiar with the components of their air conditioning system. So, without further ado, join us as we discuss the seven crucial components for your air conditioner to function. 

What Are the 7 Components In Your AC & What Are There Purposes?    

  1. Evaporator Coil- First, let’s talk about the evaporator coil. This coil is positioned either inside of your air handler or close to it. Refrigerant travels through your AC unit before it goes into the evaporator coil. This is where the refrigerant is cooled down. After this occurs, the warm air inside your house is received by the AC and blown onto the cooled-down evaporator coils. While the refrigerant moves through the evaporator coil, any heat from the passing hair is absorbed. 
  1. Blower Fan- When the warm air (previously mentioned) is received and cooled, the blower fan fulfills its purpose by blowing the cool air out from the air conditioner. This process is what drops the temperature inside of your home. 
  1. Compressor- The compressor is the component that moves the cooling refrigerant from the copper tubing to the evaporator coil. After it has completed its travels to the evaporator coil, it is then transferred to the outdoor condenser coil.    
  1. Expansion Valve: The expansion valve, which is situated between the evaporator and condenser, is the next component to examine. As a consequence, the refrigerant that has been transformed from gas to liquid no longer absorbs heat. The expansion valve’s goal is to turn the refrigerant into gas. To do so, it uses a little bit of pressure. The gaseous refrigerant then flows back into the evaporator coils, where the AC cycle is restarted from beginning to end. 
  1. Condenser Coil- The condenser coil functions the opposite way as the evaporator coil. Its job is to draw heat away from the cooling refrigerant and release it back to the outside. The condenser coil is located inside your outdoor unit. 
  1. Air Filter- Air filters play a vital role in your air conditioning system. Cool air is blown through your ductwork to be distributed throughout your home. But before this happens, it goes through a filtration process when being passed through your system’s air filters. This is for the purpose of eliminating airborne contaminants. It is a sure-fire way to positively impact your and your family’s health and well-being.  
  1. Thermostat- The thermostat is the most common and easily recognized AC component homeowners are familiar with. Attached to a wall within your home, its purpose is to control your home’s temperature by utilizing the various buttons and settings on its faceplate. 

These seven components all come together as a whole to make your HVAC system function efficiently and effectively. Understanding a little about each part and how they work is always a good idea that can benefit you in the long run. You never know what circumstances life will throw your way, so being prepared and well-informed to make the best decision for you and your home is always a plus! We sincerely hope this has been helpful to you. And finally, don’t forget Finneytown Heating & Cooling is here to help you every step of the way. You can reach us by calling (513) 935-0440, or schedule an appointment now by clicking here!