How Can You Find Your Optimal Sleep Temperature?

How Can You Find Your Optimal Sleep Temperature?

Jun 17, 2022 | Sleep, Blog, Finneytown, OH, Ohio, Temperature, Thermostat, Tips & Tricks

Research has shown that the human body’s temperature drops at night as it prepares for sleep. So as the body prepares for slumber, blood vessels relax, and body temperature decreases. This is why sleeping in cooler conditions at night is appealing to many. Given all of this information, you might be thinking that there must be an optimal sleeping temperature. Keep in mind that everyone is different. So determining your optimal sleeping temperature might take time as natural body temperatures vary from person to person. But don’t worry! Your Finneytown Heating & Cooling family has taken on the duty of supplying you with the following information so that you may quickly discover your optimal sleep temperature.

What Is the Best Sleep Temperature?

Because the temperature is so high in the summer, it’s all too simple to keep your air conditioner on at a lower setting throughout the season. Because of this, according to the Department of Energy, during the summer season, you should set your thermostat to 78 degrees at night in order to cut down on energy costs. But while setting your temperature to 78 degrees may help you save money on your energy bill, doing so may be unpleasant and uncomfortable. So it’s crucial to remember that everyone has different preferences, and you can discern what is best for you and your home. Sleep studies have shown the optimal sleep temperature is 60 to 67 degrees. So we recommend beginning in this range and adjusting as needed. However, keep in mind that lowering your home’s temperature to 60 degrees is on the low end of the suggested range. As a result, while it may be just right for your preferences, it will increase your AC’s energy use and reflect on your energy bill.

How Else Can You Improve Your Sleep Quality?

Don’t discount the importance of good window coverings when trying to keep your bedroom cool. Consider using blackout curtains to maintain a cool bedroom temperature. They not only block light but also serve as a layer of defense against solar heat. A cooling pillow or blanket may be used to maintain body temperature in a soothing manner. Next, a ceiling fan can assist to lower room temperatures and save energy by circulating the air. Lastly, consider your pajamas. They have the ability to make you feel calm and comfortable or warm and cozy. Depending on whether you’re a warm or cold sleeper, it could be worth investing in higher-quality silk, cotton, or linen pajamas.

How Do Smart Thermostats Aid In Better Sleep Quality?

A smart thermostat is a wonderful piece of equipment. Utilizing one makes it easy to keep your house cool or warm. You may adjust the temperature directly from your thermostat or via an app on your phone. Easy peasy! So, if you’re in bed one night and decide you want to turn down the air, you won’t have to get out of bed. You’ll have the convenience of your comfort right at your fingertips! You may also set your thermostat to decrease the temperature every night and restore it back to its daytime setting in the morning. You can preprogram everything, so you won’t have to worry about changing it back and forth every day. Interested in having one installed? Fortunately, smart thermostats are affordable, with several options available! Contact us as soon as possible for more details!

Finding your optimal sleeping temperature will be a trial and error process. So don’t give up looking for the right temperature; it will take time. A good tip to remember is if you lower your thermostat to 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit, try it on one setting for a night or two before gradually raising it by one degree each night until you discover the best temperature. Remember, practice makes perfect! Call Finneytown Heating & Cooling today at (513) 935-0440, or schedule an appointment now by clicking here!