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An extinguished pilot light is an unwelcome but normal occurrence in the HVAC industry. So, if you find yourself with a suddenly blown-out pilot light, and you’re stuck with a chilly house and a furnace that’s only blowing cool air. What caused it? First off, a draft might be to blame. But it could also be due to a system-related furnace issue. Nonetheless, here you are stuck with a pilot light that needs to be relit. Fortunately, your Finneytown Heating & Cooling experts are here for you! So, keep reading for a simplified step-by-step guide. 


Although it may seem complicated, relighting a pilot light is easy and only requires a few steps. But keep in mind to always use caution while performing this task. 

Step One: Something to remember is that most furnaces come with directions from the manufacturer on how to relight your model’s pilot light. These are typically located on a label placed on the side of the unit and are specific for your furnace type, so if available, please refer to these first. In some cases, they may be hard to view based on the furnace’s position or due to a lack of lighting in the vicinity. If this is true for your case, then follow step number two below. Additionally, please note that you will need a long lighter or long matchstick before beginning the relighting process to make sure you can reach the pilot light opening. 

Step Two: If your furnace has a burner cover, it will need to be removed before proceeding. The burner cover is the metal faceplate that covers and protects the pilot light area. If your furnace does have one that has to be removed, be sure to take it off with care and set it to the side. 

Step Three: Next, turn off the gas supply to your furnace – for safety reasons, of course! 

Step Four: Then, scan the bottom of your furnace to locate the furnace power switch. It’s vital that you turn off your furnace at the power switch before beginning the relighting process.  

Step Five: Since you have just turned off your furnace and gas supply, it is now crucial that you wait for five minutes after turning it off so the gas has time to dissipate—don’t skip this step! By not waiting for the gas to disperse, you’re risking a fire hazard that could endanger both your home and you. As you wait during this time frame, familiarize yourself with where the pilot light assembly is located. It should be a knob-like switch that has the words “pilot, reset, anf on/off” listed on it. The wording may vary based on your furnace model. 

Step Six: After a minimum of five minutes have passed, the next step is to turn the knob on the pilot light assembly to “pilot.” Then, press and hold “reset.” Keep holding it down as you simultaneously bring the ignited lighter near the pilot light’s opening with your other hand. When you’re close enough, the pilot flame should ignite on its own. After it does, you can release the “reset” button. At this point, the pilot light should remain lit. 

Step Seven: Remember to turn the gas supply back on and return the burner cover back to its original spot.

Done and done! Give yourself a pat on the back; learning how to relight your furnace is a great skill that can come in handy for homeowners. Even if you do not need to relight your pilot light right now, keep these tips in the back of your mind for later. In addition, a couple of other things to keep in mind are that if the pilot doesn’t stay lit after trying to relight it, this may be an indication that you should give Finneytown Heating & Cooling a call. We would love to come, take a look and see what might be going on. 

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