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They take less than an hour to install but once they’re in place, there’s nothing quite like the residential iWave-R when it comes to improving indoor air quality. The iWave-R reduces odors, germs, smoke, viruses, dust and static electricity from the air in a home. No matter where you live, these types of things should be a concern. They should be minimized. The iWave-R is considered by many to be one of the best approaches to fighting these types of things and other biological components in the air as they combine the power of air cleaning with the effectiveness of air filtration. The iWave-R is a new and amazingly affordable and innovative product on the market that cleans air and works with the home’s HVAC system. The iWave-R requires no maintenance and is self-cleaning.

Ask any one of our representatives at Finneytown Heating & Cooling about this amazing Indoor Air Quality device that doesn’t create any ozone byproducts as a result of the process. Finneytown Heating & Cooling is committed to providing clean and comfortable air systems to residents throughout the Greater Cincinnati Ohio area.

Finneytown, Ohio Air Purifiers

What is Indoor Air Quality?

A home’s air quality is something crucial that all-too-often gets neglected or overlooked in a lot of modern dwellings. While many people believe air pollution is primarily an outdoor phenomenon, studies indicate this is actually false. It turns out the air inside a lot of modern dwellings and workplaces is far more polluted than the air outside, even in bigger cities and metropolitan areas. Because the average American spends more than 21 hours a day inside on average, this whole area of residential air quality deserves serious attention. Because the air indoors often lacks proper filtration, indoor air quality is something customers need to be taking seriously.

The EPA defines Indoor Air Quality as the quality of air inside a building or home and how it relates to the people inside the building or home. Typically, a homeowner’s Indoor Air Quality has a very real and sometimes profoundly negative effect on the occupants health in addition to everyone’s overall well-being, mood and energy levels.

Why is Our Indoor Air Quality So Important?

Because the majority of Ohioans spend the majority of their time inside, residential air quality has far more of an impact on them than most people realize. If the quality of air in a residence is poor or the quality is insufficient, it tends to have negative impacts on everyone’s health in addition to it being bad for the home itself. Experts say air quality levels in a lot of modern homes can be anywhere from 2 to 5 times as polluted or toxic as the air outside, where Mother Nature has a wide range of ways it cleans and purifies the air, recycling it. When you realize how tightly insulated almost all modern homes and buildings are built, it’s clear why professionals urge homeowners to consider certain indoor air quality products and air-filtration solutions to be used in conjunction with their HVAC equipment.

Because buildings are sealed airtight, any indoor pollution gets trapped inside and recirculated in the absence of proper filtration and ventilation. Then, on top of that, there can also be issues with humidity, mold and mildew. More often than not, the use of an air filtration device or a dehumidifier or humidifier or air purifier goes a long way to improve air quality when used in conjunction with a heating or cooling system. Additionally, UV Lights and other air filtration products can benefit a homeowner in a host of ways. If air quality is poor, short-term health problsm can surface after one exposure, or multiple times being exposed. Those short-term problems can be irritation to the nose, eyes, throat, and skin. Or, they can cause fatigue, headaches and dizziness.

Top 4 to Promote Healthy Indoor Air Quality


Utilize Ventilation

A lot of the airborne pollutants in a dwelling arise in the kitchen and the bathroom and travel out into the home. Gas stoves release harmful contaminants, including carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. Even electric burners produce those same pollutants in lower levels, as well as other particles that can be easily absorbed into your bloodstream. So, when you’re cooking or using the bathroom, be sure to turn on vents, or open a window to help filter out the air even more. 


Take Full Advantage of Your Air Filters

Air filters should be used to the fullest advantage in a home, if not upgraded. If you know what an air filter does, this one should be an obvious way to keep IAQ healthy. Replacing furnace filters and A/C air filters on a regular basis is crucial for not only indoor air quality, but also to get the most out of your HVAC equipment. Furnace filters need to be checked nearly every month during the winter. A/C filters should be checked during the summer as well. However, keep in mind, if you upgrade to a HEPA filter or media air cleaner, it will out the air and improve air quality.


Be Consistent With Seasonal Maintenance

Maintenance isn’t just good for your HVAC equipment. It also lowers energy costs and optimizes indoor air quality. Staying current and being consistent with maintenance on your home comfort systems is essential for comfort and air quality. In fact, being proactive with all HVAC equipment enables it to run smoothly and do its job the way it was designed to do it. Being proactive always pays off in the long run.


Consider an Air Purifier

Air purification is a major strategy to improve indoor air quality. Not only does an air purifier improve your air quality, but it also helps your HVAC system capture free floating dirt, dust, dander, pollen, and other allergens in your home. This helps your HVAC system make air filters last longer and reduce the stress from poor airflow. They can also kill bacteria, mold and viruses and remove strange odors from the air as well as chemical emissions.

How does the iWave-R work?

Made by Nu-Calgon, this device is intended for residential air conditioning systems that utilize ductwork and is up to six tons in size. When air flows past the iWave-R’s ion generator, the devices negative and positive ions purify the air in an aggressive manner, cleaning the air supply going back into the home. This includes the killing of mold, viruses and bacteria in addition to neutralizing smoke and odor. The residential iWave air purifier (iWave-R) goes inside the HVAC system in a home and is mounted by magnets. It works to help clean the air in your living space.  When air passes over the iWave-R, as noted, ions generated by the device assail anny passing pathogens and other airborne particles, creating a healthy environment without producing any harmful gases or byproducts. When fully powered and operational, a green LED light shows up and illuminates the device. If this device isn’t on, you need to check your power supply or voltage.

The iWave-R utilizes an innovative, patented needlepoint bipolar ionization (NPBI) technology to produce a balanced and equal amount of negative and positive ions.  When these ions are shot up into the passing air stream, they break down pollutants and gases, transforming them into harmless compounds like oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and water vapor as seen below.