Sep 1, 2023 | HVAC Company, Emergency Services, NATE-Certified, Pricing, Service Hours, Services, Warranty

If you’re in search of the perfect HVAC company, you’re embarking on an important mission that greatly impacts the comfort of your home. This is because your HVAC system acts as a behind-the-scenes wizard, regulating your indoor environment to ensure optimal temperatures. Whether it’s maintaining a cool temperature during summer or providing warmth in winter, your HVAC system takes care of all your heating and cooling requirements. So, how do you take care of your HVAC system in return? 

For your HVAC system to achieve optimal performance, it is crucial to ensure its success. Do this by selecting the right HVAC company to partner with; it’s certainly something that should be taken lightly. We believe it is important you find a reputable and trustworthy company to which you can entrust your home and HVAC system. But with numerous options available, it can be challenging to determine what to look for – like how do you know what factors to look for that make a company reputable? Today we present to you this comprehensive guide from your Finneytown Heating & Cooling family that will provide key insights and professional tips to help you find your dream HVAC partner. 

Have You Looked into the Company’s Expertise and Reputation?   

To begin with, it is crucial to assess the knowledge and expertise of the HVAC company you are considering. Naturally, you want to collaborate with a reputable company that upholds a strong reputation. Therefore, it is advisable to seek out a company with a proven track record in HVAC installations, repairs, maintenance, and exceptional customer service.  

You can initiate your search by seeking recommendations from individuals within your network. This includes friends, family members, neighbors, and other people you may know personally that you trust. Soliciting recommendations from reliable sources plays a crucial role in you making an informed decision. Their personal experiences will provide valuable insight into the quality of service they received from various HVAC companies. Additionally, it is advisable to explore online reviews and testimonials as they offer another perspective on a company’s reputation. Lastly, feel free to go through the company websites yourself to get a better grasp and understanding of their operations. You can also check their presence on social media platforms. 

Have You Looked into the Company’s Licensing and Certification?   

When considering a company, don’t hesitate to validate its legitimacy. You don’t want to overlook the importance of verifying their certifications, licensing, and insurance. So, don’t feel like it’s a hassle to ask a company about their credentials; reputable companies will not be bothered by these kinds of questions. The great news is that all of Finneytown Heating & Cooling‘s technicians have years of accumulated experience and, most importantly, are NATE-certified! 

Have You Looked into the Company’s Range of Services & Service Hours?   

Next, we want to emphasize the importance of selecting a company that offers a comprehensive range of HVAC services. HVAC services extend beyond just system installation. So, it is advisable to consider a company that can serve as your trusted provider for all your HVAC requirements, including installation, seasonal maintenance, repairs, and even emergency services. Doing so gives you the added assurance of relying on a single source for all your HVAC needs throughout the year. For instance, at Finneytown Heating & Cooling, we are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction by providing availability for emergency HVAC services even after hours, on weekends, and on holidays. However, as a proud member of the Five Star Home Services family, choosing us grants you easy access to a convenient one-stop shop for all your home service needs, including electrical and plumbing services. 

Have You Looked into the Company’s Warranty Coverage?   

This next point is frequently forgotten about, as it tends only to come up when necessary. However, warranty coverage is an essential aspect that must be considered. Therefore, do not hesitate to inquire about the warranty coverage for their products and installation labor (if applicable). A reputable HVAC company will have full confidence in their workmanship and the quality of their equipment; a solid warranty will be a reflection of that. 

Have You Looked into the Company’s Pricing Transparency?   

Transparency is of utmost importance for a company with integrity. Hidden or unexplained fees are universally disliked. When receiving a quote or estimate from a company, one good rule of thumb is to be mindful of pricing transparency. A reputable HVAC company will openly communicate its prices and provide thorough explanations for any unexpected costs that may arise. Moreover, they should have no problem answering any pricing questions. 

Have You Looked into the Company’s Professionalism?  

As you may be aware, a company’s conduct and demeanor indicate its professionalism. Therefore, when selecting a company, choosing one that instills a sense of comfort rather than unease is crucial. Don’t settle if your gut is telling you otherwise.  

Selecting the wrong HVAC company can transform what should have been a smooth experience into a complete nightmare. We want you to have the best HVAC experience possible and would love a chance to provide that for you. If you have any questions or need a service, please do not hesitate to contact us. We think it would be a dream to partner with you! 

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