What Should You Do If Your A/C Goes Out This Summer?  

What Should You Do If Your A/C Goes Out This Summer?  

Aug 19, 2022 | A/C, Air Conditioner, Air Filter, Blog, Cooling, OH, Ohio, Summer, Temperature, Thermostat, Tips & Tricks

If your A/C is acting up and you are unsure about what to do, you’ve come to the right place! Finneytown Heating & Cooling is here to assist you with all your HVAC needs. And even if your air conditioner hasn’t given you any grief, we still think it would be a good idea to continue reading and have a game plan in the back of your mind. This way, you will be prepared if an unwelcome surprise arises; you won’t find yourself scrambling for troubleshooting tips to get everything in order.  

What Are the Do’s If Your A/C Goes Out?  

When troubleshooting your A/C, you should always only stick to basic troubleshooting steps. Unless you are a licensed HVAC specialist, numerous things can go awry due to safety precautions and the extensive complexity of the air conditioning system. However, the good news is that there are a few basic troubleshooting steps safe for homeowners to practice.  

First, let’s talk about your thermostat. The thermostat is commonly overlooked when an A/C starts to act up. But more often than not, low batteries on the thermostat are the true culprit of many HVAC woes. If your thermostat is low on battery life, it won’t be able to properly communicate with the air conditioner, which can cause the A/C not to blow cool air. If the issue persists or the batteries do not need to be changed, try lowering the temperature on the thermostat by 5-10 degrees to see if that will kickstart the A/C back into motion.  

If at this point, you are still not seeing any difference, it’s time to check the outdoor unit, also known as the compressor. When the compressor is working as it should be, it will run and sound like it is making a consistent buzzing noise (like a fan). This noise may sound a little off if something is wrong with the compressor. If you suspect something is wrong with the unit, it’s time to call an HVAC professional. And finally, turn your A/C off in the meantime.  

What Are the Do NOT Do’s If Your A/C Goes Out?  

Along with a list of do’s, a list of don’ts usually follows as well. Today is no exception. Your entire HVAC system is a complex machine that functions to provide comfort for you and your household. The last thing you want to do is compromise the system and cause further issues that can lead to extensive repairs. You may be a little frustrated at this point, but rest assured, it will be okay. Don’t let your frustration get the best of you, thus causing you to try anything crazy. You may consider yourself a handy person, but it is vital that unless you are a professional in the HVAC arena, you don’t want to tinker around with your A/C. DIY repairs not only void the manufacturer’s warranty, but they can be deceiving as you may think you’ve resolved the issue. They can very well cause further issues to develop that create a never-ending snowball effect of problems. Trust us and save yourself the headache! Moving on to the next don’t on our list: while waiting for your HVAC technician to arrive at your home, you may want to alleviate the heat’s discomfort. If you can refrain from opening any windows or external doors, that will prevent the heat from seeping into your house faster.  

In addition, you should avoid heat-inducing appliances like your stove or dryer as those can also aid in raising the heat within the home. And last but not least, don’t open your freezer hoping to find innovative ways to cool down. You won’t gain much relief from the little cool air your freezer may provide. And quite frankly, it is not worth risking spoiled food over!  

If anything acts up with your air conditioner, it’s always a good idea to have a strategy planned so you can deal with the situation appropriately. Remember that Finneytown Heating & Cooling offers emergency service 24/7, 365 days a year. So, we are here for you any time of the day. You can reach us at (513) 935-0440 or schedule an appointment now by clicking here!