March has arrived, meaning early spring will be here in no time. The month of March can get a little chaotic with everything that goes on this time of year. Therefore, we think now is a prudent time to consider the advantages of utilizing a whole-home dehumidifier system. Unusually high levels of humidity within a home mean that the IAQ (indoor air quality) in your home is off balance. In instances like this, excessive humidity levels can be very uncomfortable; thus, not only will humidity level affect your health, but your comfort as well. Take a stroll with Finneytown Heating & Cooling as we talk about everything you need to know about whole-home dehumidifiers.  


If you’re unsure of whether or not your home could benefit from the use of a dehumidifier, try looking out for these signs:  

  • Musty, unpleasant odors are a tell-tale sign that your home’s humidity levels may be unbalanced.   
  • Anywhere mold or mildew may be growing is a strong indicator that your home’s air quality is too moist, as moisture creates the perfect environment for these bacteria to grow.  
  • If you’ve noticed a recurrence of water or vapor stains on surfaces in your house (i.e., walls and ceilings), this is another good indication that something is going on.  
  • Warped furniture, walls, ceilings, and other household items are another sign to watch for.  
  • Continuous condensation on surfaces such as windows and doors is a dead giveaway that there is a surplus of moisture in the air.  
  • Do you have a basement in your house? If so, and if you’ve noticed that it always has an icky, damp feeling, then the humidity levels are likely, not balanced.  


A dehumidifier’s sole purpose is to remove excess moisture from the air within your home. When extra water is detected in the air, the dehumidifier pulls in the damp air with the use of its fan. Once the damp air enters the dehumidifier, it comes into contact with its internal coils, where the air then goes through a filtration and cooling process. This process leads to the result of moisture being separated from the air and caught in the dehumidifier’s water reservoir. After this is achieved, the now dryer and more balanced air are released back into your home to be circulated throughout the house.   


  • HEALTH BENEFITS: We all know that mold and mildew growth are never ideal in terms of health. Since high humidity levels form the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew growth, maintaining a better balance of the IAQ within your home will absolutely be an asset to your health. Therefore, airborne pathogens should be halted in their track as much as possible. Furthermore, airborne pollutants act as additional risks to people with respiratory-related issues, such as asthma and allergies. So, if you struggle with extra moisture in your home, a whole-home dehumidifier may be the solution!  
  • HOME BENEFITS: Not only will your health benefit from regulated indoor humidity but your home and belongings will also reap the benefits. Over time, excessive moisture and condensation can cause damage to items and may result in water or vapor stains and damaged surfaces to things like ceilings, walls, wood trim, and furniture. In addition, if you’re an avid collector of any type of collectibles or art, humidity can also pose a threat to these items.  

The regulation of your home’s indoor humidity does not have to be overly difficult. So, you can get it one and done with your favorite HVAC professionals from Finneytown Heating & Cooling. Our highly trained technicians can assess what would be the best model for your home, go over costs, and answer any other questions you may have! Need further motivation? When you install a whole-home dehumidifier, maintenance is a breeze! All you have to do is continue scheduling your annual HVAC checks, and our technicians can perform a thorough inspection simultaneously, ensuring everything is up to par with your entire system! Sounds like a no-brainer to us!   

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